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A Cause Warrior's work is never done.  

Peel back the public persona of a Cause Warrior, and you'll often find someone struggling to keep it all together.  In the best of times, even the most effective and resilient leaders struggle to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.  Add to the mix nonprofit funding shortages, global pandemic, regulatory changes, staff turnover, compassion fatigue, long work hours and board conflicts, competing agendas -  it's easy to become overwhelmed and disillusioned. Yet the mission depends on the Cause Warrior showing up every day to keep the engine running.  Does this feel familiar?

It doesn't have to be this way.

Experience the Transformative Power of Coaching!



Our coaching practice supports nonprofit professionals and community leaders who we lovingly refer to as "Cause Warriors." Cause Warriors lead and live life with purpose. They work for and support causes close to their hearts. And they believe in giving back.  We understand the world of Cause Warriors and their unique challenges, because we're Cause Warriors! 



Coaching is your new secret weapon to thrive and excel as a nonprofit leader.  A powerful opportunity to take a pause in your hectic schedule to reflect, re-examine and reset; to focus your leadership, your strategy, your priorities, your life.  How often do you honestly make time for that? 


And unlike a friend or trusted colleague, professional certified coaches are trained to create a confidential and judgment-free container.  We empower you - the client - to follow your own journey, and create space for self-reflection, growth and learning through a process of reflective inquiry.  The results are powerful and tangible.


Whether you want to strengthen your leadership skills, create focus and purpose, build resilience, shape a new vision or strategy, or problem-solve a pressing challenge - this is your time!  


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Many of our clients come to us when they are undergoing some sort of organizational or personal crisis - a leadership departure, board dysfunction, loss of funding, staff turnover, performance issues, even recovering from a fraud situation.  While we are really good at turnaround and crisis work, we also love working with leaders that are not in crisis and are seeking a thought partner to help them grow, strengthen their skills and clarify organizational strategy.

How we Work

We offer our clients honest assessment, fresh insights, clear focus and actionable strategies.  

  • Access to an extensive network of nonprofit consultants and professional coaches who we engage  expand our offerings for clients.

Whether you're anticipating a leadership transition, struggling with staff retention, rethinking organizational strategy, experiencing board conflict, or just feeling overwhelmed and aren't sure where to start - we can help.

Align Strategy

Grow Capacity

Deepen Impact




  • New Executive Integration - Prepares and supports new executive leaders during the critical first year of service as they acclimate to a new organization and team, set vision and direction, assess organizational needs, and shift leadership style. 

  • Emerging Leader Accelerator - For newly promoted, first-time and aspiring leaders, designed to assess and refine executive skills, develop a strategic leader mindset, build people management skills, and learn to balance and prioritize a growing set of new executive responsibilities.

  • Leadership Team & Board Coaching - Supports the entire team through a process that builds trust, aligns vision and priorities, establishes accountability, improves communication, and builds inter-personal relationships.

  • Individual Cause Warrior Coaching - Custom-designed coaching for nonprofit leaders who want to work on specific career, leadership or life challenges.  We'll work together to design a flexible coaching plan that meets your specific circumstances - whether you need to prioritize and get control of your workflow, create more work/life balance, manage stress and anxiety, problem-solve board and staff issues, plan for career transition, or something completely unique to you - this is your time.




We currently accept up to two pro bono coaching clients per quarter.  Candidates must be currently employed by or actively seeking employment with a nonprofit organization, or enrolled in a nonprofit leadership degree or certificate program.  Pro bono clients commit to a 6 month coaching engagement, agree to meet with your coach 1-2 times per month, and actively work toward established goals outside of coaching sessions. Pro bono clients are asked to pay a nominal $250 administrative fee, which may be waived based on financial need. 




Our consulting practice partners with nonprofit causes that are ready and committed to change. 


We're operating in an extraordinary time of uncertainty and disruption. The brutal truth is that many nonprofits won't survive.  As a sector, we can't afford to be stuck in the status quo - the way we've always done it simply won't cut it today or in the future. 


Nonprofits need to Rethink.  Refocus.  Revamp.  Adapt.

And it requires brutal honesty.


As your strategic thought partner, we ask tough questions and dig deep. Whether you have a specific organizational challenge, need a major organizational re-tooling, or simply want fresh eyes and an independent perspective to support you in this journey - we can help.  We provide honest feedback. And we offer strong skills in strategy, visioning and creative problem-solving.  And if it's not working - we'll tell you.  

We subscribe to the Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute model, which provides a proven approach to organizational assessment and capacity building.  Although we have experience working with organizations at all stages, our specialty is organizations in growth and turnaround lifecycle stages, and helping lead and support organizations through periods of leadership transition, strategic repositioning and crisis management.  

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  • Organizational Assessment

  • Strategic & Annual Planning


  • Program Design

  • Turnarounds, Repositioning & Restructuring 

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Team Retreats

  • Custom Projects



Chances are, your organization has experienced some level of board dysfunction, conflict or disengagement - we're


- We've worked with some of the strongest and most dysfunctional boards in the industry.  have extensive experience working with boards at all levels of experience and effectiveness.  Our services work with nonprofit and association boards to strengthen governance practices, define organizational vision and strategy, and improve board effectiveness. 

  • Board Evaluation

  • Board Restructuring

  • Board Chair Coaching

  • CEO Evaluation 

  • Meeting & Agenda Planning

  • Roles, Job Descriptions, Manuals, Operating Procedures

  • Succession Planning

  • Board Retreats

  • Interim Executive Leadership


Losing a senior leader can be a tumultuous time for any nonprofit organization. unexpected, or planned.   

Business Meeting


Losing a senior leader can be a tumultuous time for any nonprofit organization. unexpected, or planned.   

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