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Things to Know About Studio 929 West

  • We're a social impact coaching and consulting practice dedicated to generating meaningful and lasting societal change. 

  • We're passionate about and support many causes -  social justice, opportunity and equity for all, women in leadership, animal welfare, youth development, education, arts and culture, building communities, eliminating poverty...we're well-rounded in our interests and experience.

  • Our clients are nonprofit organizations and associations, seasoned executives and emerging leaders who are ready to make significant changes in their organizations and in their lives.  We customize our services depending on the specific needs and circumstances of each client.

  • We intentionally keep our company small to provide a personalized approach for clients. As needed, we partner with an international network of experienced nonprofit and governance consultants, certified professional coaches, organizational development experts, executive search firms, and hands-on practitioners in offering a menu of services to our clients.  If we don't have the expertise ourselves, we'll help you find it. 

  • We're headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona but we don't allow geography to limit us. We've mastered virtual and remote work, and are open to working with leaders and organizations anywhere in the world.

  • Our office is located in a charming 1930's Tudor Revival house in a central historic Phoenix neighborhood.  Restoring the house and studio has been a labor of love, reflecting our commitment to historic preservation and revitalizing urban cities.  Our address is 929 West  - we wish we had a more interesting story about our company name, but it's that simple.

Our Leadership


Deborah Dworkin Thompson, MAOM, WPCC

Chief Strategist, Consultant & Leadership Coach

Deborah Dworkin Thompson is a strategic leader with a growth mindset who has achieved exceptional results as a senior executive for not-for-profit organizations over the past 30 years.  She's held senior leadership and fundraising positions with respected charities at the national and local levels including Make-A-Wish America, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, New Pathways for Youth, and Trinity College, and serves as an associate faculty member teaching board governance at Arizona State University's Lodestar Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Innovation. 

During her career Deborah has earned a reputation for strategic vision and problem-solving, organizational turnarounds and crisis management, building high-impact teams, principled leadership, and board governance expertise.  She is guided by a deep sense of purpose and commitment to servant leadership, and is passionate about developing the next generation of nonprofit leaders. 

How We Work With Clients


Many of our clients come to us when they are undergoing an organizational or personal crisis or transition - a leadership departure, board conflict, loss of funding, staff turnover, performance issues, even recovering from a fraud situation.  We offer a calm harbor in the storm, and help organizations navigate through crisis and change.  And, while we are really good at turnaround and crisis work, we also love working with leaders that are simply seeking expertise and thought partnership to help them grow, strengthen their skills and clarify organizational strategy. 

Our practice employs a range of consulting, coaching and organizational development techniques drawing from over 30 years of nonprofit leadership and governance experience at the national and local levels. Most engagements typically begin with an assessment process so we can understand the organizational environment. Working in partnership with the organization, team or leadership we then devise a project action plan.


If we work together, we promise honest assessment, fresh insights, clear focus and actionable strategies that meet the needs of your organization.

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